In 2009 we were introduced to the non profit world and it was an eye opening experience from a business point of view as well as to the amazing results these companies achieve.

We currently work with several charitable organizations who serve our Veterans. As a Vietnam era Navy vet, and with a son serving in the Air Force- I am particularly interested in our under-served Veterans.

However – we can easily utilize the lessons learned in marketing, fundraising and coaching these groups to help you with the issues you face.

What is fascinating is the dual role charities must navigate to be successful. They actually have two different (and often conflicting) business goals.

The first and primary goal (hopefully) is to serve their core constituents – the reason for their being.

The second and just as important role is that of a business. They must bring in enough revenue to allow their staff and management to live while providing for goal #1.

We get it. Call us.