Just a Word About Coaching…

First what coaching is not.  It is not a bus company. It is not learning to play sports better. (Although I have coached athletes!)

Coaching is about you getting where you want to go.

You, You, You. It’s All About You.

Here is a quick question. How much time do you spend focused on you and your business?

if you are like most entrepreneurs and managers – probably not much. You are focused on your work, your business, your issues.

By paying a business coach, you get to talk about and focus on nothing other than you, your problems, your opportunities, your goals.

Coaching forces you to schedule time to work on your own business. This discipline can be invaluable in uncountable ways in your professional life and growing your business endeavors.

What Do I Know That You Don’t?

How would it feel to ask advice or help from someone who you actually pay to be fully (sometimes brutally) honest, someone who has no agenda but you, someone who has your best interests at the top of everything they do while they are with you. And what if that person was experienced in business as well?  Often coaches bring much needed perspective, such as seeing the forest through the trees, so to speak, from someone whose input is relevant.

A Great Coach Gets To Know You Well

Having a history of working together allows a coach to see patterns or to reference things and opportunities that clients have mentioned in the past and can bring those up when it could be helpful in the present and the future.

Don’t Pay For B.S.

Because a coach is a paid adviser and not a friend, they will call you out on the few occasions where it might be required. Friends, family and even colleagues are often hesitant to do this because they have a multi-faceted relationship with you. For whatever reason they may not tell the ‘whole’ truth as they see it.  The coaching relationship is aligned around helping you to succeed, which gives the coach more freedom (and is in fact required) to be honest and helpful.

Who Needs to Be Judged?

On the other side of the coin, a client is expected to be brutally honest with me, because they know that there is no judgment. if you are not feeling at the top of your game, of you have reservations about a partner, if you have something serious and no one to turn to –  then a coach is invaluable.

Call me.

So, whether you are seeking discipline, a forum to vent or even a sanity check without judgment, consider  investing in a business coach to help your business (and you) get to the next level.


While coaches can vary in price — from less than $100 to several hundred dollars or more per session — price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. You want to find a coach who understands you and your business and that you are comfortable with, but also one that will push back on you, too. Hiring a “yes man” (or woman) won’t produce a good return for your investment. Call around. ask for a free session and find some one who fits.

Business Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you own a small or medium-sized business?

How do you reach the stage where you are truly “running” the business rather than “being” the business?
How do you motivate your staff and employees?
How do you get your employees to share your vision and understand their role in your mutual success?
How do you get maximum effort from your team through the personal growth of all team members?
How do you balance work and home or play?

Miami Phillips has counseled and facilitated scores of businesses to an enlightened future. He can help you identify core strengths as well as those weaknesses that are keeping you in your present situation. He can develop and facilitate strategies to help you attain greater focus and increased productivity.

Miami has been a serial entrepreneur. He’s started and successfully operated businesses as diverse as a sales organization for a marine parts manufacturer, been a residential building contractor, managed the maintenance operation of a major ski resort, created a vacation resort management company, operated a luxury charter yacht and sailing business and now, with his wife, operates a successful horse farm and equine center. Miami is self-taught in the world of Interactive Technology (IT) and knows how to apply it to entrepreneurial and small business applications.

He’s worked with very small, small and mid-sized businesses to ensure that the employees and work environment contribute to corporate success.

Personal Coaching

What’s bothering you? Are you happy in your relationships with your spouse, or significant other, kids, family and/or friends? Do you worry about money? Are you happy in your career or work environment? Or, simply, are you happy?

Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping their present life and being a ski bum, living on a sailboat and cruising the world, living on a horse ranch, or finding and sharing your life with your soul mate?

Miami Phillips has created the life that he and his family want to live by creating the power to direct his life in the direction that he wants it to go. A happy marriage (31 years and counting) and a warm and loving relationship with his two boys, create the cornerstone of his life, and that happiness carries over into everything else that he does in life.

Miami can show you how you can be creating the life you want rather than coping with the life that you now live. Miami has lived, and been successful at, every dream he ever had, from ski-bum to charter yacht captain. From sailing the Caribbean to building a beautiful horse farm in the shadow of the North Georgia Mountains. From finding and marrying his soul mate to raising two well-adjusted boys.

He’s done this by applying a consistent process to his dreams to create reality. That process is Be Do Have, and Miami can show you how Be Do Have can literally be a life-changing event in your life. You can learn to develop and manage excellence in your  life.

Your move.

Long Distance Email Coaching Alternative

Affordable.  Focused.  Your own time.  Solutions.

You send me one email three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and receive a return email within 24 hours.  Ask about personal development, personal growth and personal challenges,  business or team development, or marketing on the internet including Web 2.0, blogs, websites etc…
(You are welcome to ask anything!)

Membership is on a month to month basis, billed automatically, and you can drop out at any time.  The program investment will be adjusted upward to maintain 10 people in the program.

Each member has the option to a private 15  minute phone call once a month.

(*Coaching and consulting clients can pay me in excess of $3500/month. So why would I offer this?  Three reasons. First, many people cannot afford $3500 per month and really would like some help, even if for one month. And secondly this program limits the time I spend traveling, and allows me the freedom to work from wherever I am.)

“If you are self motivated and ready to accept the challenge of change,this program is for you.”

  •  Recognize and implement Needed Business Strategies
  • Get Focused
  • Get Inspired
  • Find Your Purpose
  • Define Your Vision
  • Define Your Values
  • Know Exactly What Success Means to You! 

Start living the life you want instead of the life you are given!

Current investment – $225/month*